Mulcher for agriculture


Del Morino produces and distributes mulcher of various types and sizes, for professionist and small or hobby farmer. Here are some kind of grass mulcher:

FUNNY grass mower is a machinery with horizontal axle type, it has a light, springy but strong structure. These features allow an excellent utilization for the cutting up of grass, light runners and shrubs. Features: mower with blades electronically balanced. Gearbox in aluminium with free wheel device inside and 2 belts transmission with screw turnbuckle. Safety protections according to CE rules and standard cardan shaft.

FLIPPER is a REVERSIBLE flail mower with a horizontal axis. With its 3 configurations of instruments is suitable for any situation of land clearing: forests, meadows, vacant lots and orchards. Standard Features: slides and adjustable rear roller to change working height. Prepared for screw or hydraulic movement. Security under the EC regulations.

DMK-AM-AMX Cheap, strong with rigid structure and small dimensions the rotary slasher with vertical axle is suitable to the maintenance of orchards, lawns, yards, uncultivated lands and for the undergrowth cleanly. Standard features: 1 rotor with 2 or 3 blades rotary slasher, shifting III point hitch of 1° and 2° category to be connected to tractors up to 70 hp, reversible adjustable slides to change the cutting height from 2 inch. to 6 inch. Equipped with safety protections according to CE rules and shear bolt or slip clutch cardan shafts depending from the model.

The brush mower with vertical axle for motor cultivator SCARABEO type has a small structure. It is manoeuvrable and so suitable to the maintenance of lawns, uncultivated lands and cultivations. Standard features: Floating deck, fixed blades holder with swinging blades for BCS-Grillo-Bertolini motocultivator; aluminium gearbox with free wheel device inside, adjustable slides to change the cutting height from 3 inch. to 6 inch. Meets CE safety regulations.