Rotary tiller and rotavator


Del Morino produces and distributes rotary tillers of various types and sizes, for professionist and small or hobby farmer. Here are some kind of rotary tillers:

"FLASH" Rotary Tiller. This rotavator is ideal for small or hobby farmer: it can be used as both a Stone Burier and Rotary Tiller with a simple modification: simply change the position of gear box and reverse the rotational direction of the tines. The central transmission has a connector with patented shear bolt. Benefits and features: TWO TOOLS IN ONE - TRANSMISSION PROTECTED CUTTING BOLT - PRICE - TWO PENETRATION DEPTH - ISO COMPONENTS. Slide blocks for adjusting depth. Four teeth on the flange. Two-speed boxes. Protection in accordance with strict EC safety standards

The Rotary tiller HOLIDAY is designed to be connected to small tractors with good structure, springy and light. Features: rotavator with 4 blades each flange, single speed change, L series with cast transmission in aluminum and R series with cast transmission in iron. Chain ASA 60/80 oil lubricated, adjustable slides to change the depth. Safety regulations EC.

The universal Rotary tiller URT E/D is a cheap but strong and professional agricultural machine. This rotary tiller is able to work in proximity of cultivations as vineyards, fruit trees, ecc, thanx to the possibility to move the linkage by screw shifting. Rotary tiller features: 4 hoes each flange, shifting by screw, ASA 80 lubricated with oil chain transmission, single speed cast-iron gearbox, adjustable slides to change working depth. Standard cardan shaft and protections according to CE rules.

The professional Rotary tiller URT HF is suitable to every kind of soils and it's characterised by its strength. This rotavator is used for working of large extension. Roto tiller features: manual shifting, 4 hoes each flange. Cast-iron gearbox with single speed, ASA 100 lubricated with oil chain transmission, adjustable slides to change the working depth. Equipped with safety protections according to CE rules and standard cardan shaft.